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About Teejan Furnishing LLC

It is a privilege to welcome and introduce you to Teejan Furnishing LLC, as a company that helps create great places to work, learn, and live by researching, manufacturing and distributing interior solutions designed to make the work place and residential spaces a more practical and pleasant environment.

Teejan Furnishings LLC is a part of Teejan Group of Companies. Our group has expertise in various fields of work. Commenced with the cleaning division in 1974, we have proven our self in the fields of construction, fire engineering, laboratory engineering, environmental engineering, electromechanical engineering, decoration, furnishings, food and beverages and hospitality. With such an extensive portfolio and a highly specialised, efficient workforce to support it, Teejan Group of Companies is one of the most trusted names in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and further emerged as a multinational company with its distributors worldwide.

Teejan Furnishings LLC has its four main divisions offering high-quality and economical furniture with its retail division, that provides complete and precise furnishing solutions for offices and homes through its state-of-the-art showrooms, its project division that supplies furniture to various Government organisations and private sector companies. Its bedding division manufactures technologically advanced beds and mattresses and interior decoration division focuses on providing a complete set of interior decoration packages. Teejan is also the exclusive dealer of the widely acclaimed Bertolini kitchen cabinets.

Looking ahead, Teejan Furnishings LLC aims to continue to explore the limitless world of design inspiration, collaborating with designers from a wide spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. Our brand is constantly evolving and seeking new challenges for the future and with its bold embrace of style and innovation, with which innately comes an impression of professionalism.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to assist you.

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